継承Sharing Traditions

Through our annual concert series, we seek to share the best of Japanese sankyoku music. The gala spring and autumn “Meiryu” concerts feature Living National Treasure musicians along with top players performing classical and modern compositions. The spring program also focuses on youth, and includes performances by a large children’s ensemble and groups of middle and high school students. “Nihon no Hibiki” is another highly regarded concert focused on the broad range of possibilities for the sankyoku ensemble. Newly commissioned works along with traditional pieces are performed by some of Japan’s most respected musicians from a variety of schools.

普及Furthering Traditions

For young people and the future

発展Nurturing Future Generations

Varied line up of training programs

As practical work with traditional Japanese instruments is part of compulsory education at the elementary and junior high school levels, workshops focused on sankyoku music and in line with curriculum guidelines are provided for music educators and musicians working with schools. Also, under an agreement with the Ministry of Cultural Affairs, training programs for coordinators to liaise between schools and local musicians, along with joint pedagogical research and development of teaching materials are being conducted.

As part of the Ministry of Cultural Affairs’ efforts to support the next generation of leaders in the areas of culture and the arts, the Japan Sankyoku Association provides financial support to young musicians. Each December, a concert highlights the artistic achievements of these individuals. Another area of focus for the Association involves furthering members’ skills through exchange workshops between the various schools of playing, koto’s Ikuta and Yamada traditions, and the shakuhachi’s Kinko and Tōzan schools. Lectures by specialists from various fields, including musicology, technology and artist management also serve to broaden viewpoints and deepen members’ knowledge and understanding.