The Japan Sankyoku Association Living Japanese Traditions - working to further the musical traditions of Japan

Sharing Traditions Through our annual concert series, we seek to share the best of Japanese sankyoku music.

Furthering Traditions For young people and the future.

Nurturing Future Generations Varied line up of training programs.

Sankyoku is an overarching genre, combining sōkyoku and jiuta music of the koto and shamisen respectively, with the sounds of the shakuhachi and kokyū. The sankyoku ensemble has a rich history beginning in the Edo period (1603-1868) and extending to the present.

With a broad membership of koto, shamisen and shakuhachi musicians and educators, the Japan Sankyoku Association conducts a range of activities including regular public performances and education programs with schools.
These endeavors reflect the organization’s goals of Keisho - the passing on and sharing of traditions, Fukyu - the furthering of these traditions through educational outreach, and Hatten - the nurturing and development of new sankyoku music for the future.



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